Passion for the process

Every dessert we offer at Pure Bliss Desserts is made from scratch in our on-site kitchen. Small batch production allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and pour our deep-seeded passion for the art of baking into each and every bite. We use time honored techniques to provide the most delectable and flavorful desserts possible.

Health for humanity

The Bliss is Pure in our desserts because we only bake with real food. Our ingredient list doesn't require a chemical engineering degree to decipher and we make a choice to keep it simple by keeping it natural. Hormone-free dairy products, organic eggs, sweet cream butter, no-spray produce, expeller-pressed oil, and an overall ingredient list that says NO to trans fats.

Commitment to community

Pure Bliss Desserts loves to support our community by using locally-sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. From organic, farm fresh eggs, to seasonally picked nuts and berries, to locally roasted coffee, and more, we want to be a part of a thriving community. Going local first for ingredients not only helps boost our local economy but also decreases our carbon footprint.