Cookies & Muffins


our gourmet cookies are available daily in the case, or can be pre-ordered in petite sizes to accommodate a crowd


SNICKERDOODLE ·  cinnamon-y delicious, these cookies are chewy on the inside & crunchy on the outside

SUPER CHOCOLATE CHIP · a classic favorite, fully-loaded with chocolate chips

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP · dark cocoa powder & chocolate chips yield a dense, deliciously chewy cookie

COCONUT MACAROON (gf) · sweetened coconut mounds baked to perfection & drizzled with dark chocolate ganache

RUSSIAN TEA CAKE · ground pecans & walnuts are the highlights of this buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookie

ICED SHORTBREAD · traditional butter shortbread frosted with vanilla buttercream–our most popular cookie, by far!

PETITE SHORTBREAD · traditional shortbread available in butter, lemon, or almond varieties

SEASONAL COOKIE FLAVOR · please reference our seasonal menu


drop cookies, coconut macaroons, & russian tea cakes · $2.25 each/$22 dozen
iced shortbread · $2.75 each/$33 dozen
petite shortbread · $1.10 each/$11 dozen


PETITE ALMOND CITRUS CAKES (gf/df) · almonds, eggs & whole oranges blended together to create an incredibly moist & high protein muffin $3.85 each

BERRY POLENTA MUFFIN (vegan/gf) ·   deliciously moist muffin resembling a cornbread texture with berries folded into the batter  $3.85 each